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We are here to help plant seeds of healing! 
Hear from our clients.

We are honored to be a part of so many healing journeys. Here are a few testimonies to share with you how we change lives.

I've been working with Katie for the full 90-day program now through my workplace and it is a life changing opportunity. Katie and I have been working together in which she listens and guides me through her program and lessons. These lessons have helped me with my mental health and additionally, my day to day life, inside and outside the workplace! Healing with Katie, ultimately, has me doing the leg work, honestly, to better myself. I feel less anxious, I am more focused and I have even set new personal goals and routines which I didn't have before. Katie's guidance, wisdom and expertise are professional and eye opening to say the least!

Anthony from Boston

Hear from some of the business owners and leaders that have used our services to improve their workplace.

I can’t say enough about this woman and her passion to help people. I have had the privilege of knowing Katie for 4 months during that time I have had her in my business twice for lunch and learns. From those lunch and learns we have 7 employee's working with her weekly to better themselves and their situations. The changes I have seen in these individuals has been astounding and impressive to say the least. Please please introduce her to your friends, family, coworkers and employees! Thank you so much Katie.

By Roy, owner of an Automotive shop in Michigan

As a business owner I am grateful we have added Katie and her

staff to our team. Having two staff members and really

all of us in mind when I reached out to better build our growing team.  I never

imagined where our journey would lead. The advice I will give out

is that anyone thinking about benefiting their team by addressing mental health on a whole new level, you should get onboard as quickly as possible. Everyone will see the effect of working with Katie and her team immediately. Communication, Productivity, Body

Language, and overall culture have transformed in a few short months.

The feedback I get from the participants is heartfelt and offered freely since they are overwhelmed with relief and clarity. With my new ability to understand what perspective my team is coming from; my improved understanding and communications have far exceeded my expectations. We have participated in lunch and learns and the 90-day program that is offered and are still offering the 90-day program to any of the employees that feel they need it. The services don’t stop there.

By Robert owner of an Automotive shop in Boston

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