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Mental Health in the WORKPLACE

How can you show your employees that you really care about their mental health? By bring mental health services to them. Once you do that watch how their performance improve! 

Here is how you can bring mental health awareness to them.

  • Conference

  • Workshops

  • Newsletters

  • 1-on-1’s Mental Health Coaching for the employees

  • Support Groups

  • Lunch and Learns

  • And more

Companies we have worked with!

Here is just a few of the businesses that we work with to help bring mental health to their teams. We are here to help make mental health a priority to employees. 

We will tailor a program to meet the mental health needs of your workplace. Some of the things I can offer are:

Conferences – Conferences aim to provide employees with knowledge, tools and strategies to enhance their mental well-being in the workplace. Conferences are designed to be informative, engaging and inclusive for all employees, focusing on mental health topics that are relevant to their professional and personal lives.


Workshops – Workshops are hands-on learning designed to support employees in understanding and prioritizing their mental well-being. Through an interactive workshop, participants will gain practical tools and strategies to effectively manage stress, build resilience and foster a mentally healthy workplace.


Newsletters – I can create a regular publication dedicated to promoting mental well-being among employees. An informative and engaging newsletter aims to provide valuable insights, resources and strategies that support individuals in maintaining optimal mental health in the workplace.


1-on-1’s Mental Health Coaching For The Employees – One-on-one mental health coaching can improve your employees’ overall well-being, increase their productivity and performance, reduce absenteeism, increase employee engagement and loyalty, and improve your workplace culture. Offering one-on-one mental health coaching can help create a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

Support Groups – I can create and monitor support groups for your employees. These groups provide peer support and validation, as well as shared coping strategies and resources. Employees will benefit from increased self-awareness and knowledge, reduced stigma and shame, and improved social connections and relationships.

Lunch and Learns – Plan a laid-back lunch for your staff and I will present a topic of your choice.

Mental Health in the Workplace

Why bring mental health awareness to your employees?

  • 66% of employees say that workplace issues negatively affect their sleep.

  • 89% Agreed it was safer to remain silent about their workplace stress.

  • 50% of employees say they engage in unhealthy behaviors to cope with workplace stress.

  • 55% Reported that they were afraid of being punished for attending to their mental health.

  • 40% turnover is due to workplace stress.

  • Construction industry has the highest rates of suicide among all occupations.

  • An average person spends 90,000 hours (or more) at work in their lifetime.

Information Found at All About Workplace Stress: Causes, Management and More (

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