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Dear MOM...

I went to go talk to you today. I crave to hear your voice. Then it saddens me that I can’t even remember what your voice sounds like.

I came to you today because I wanted to share how proud I am of myself. I wanted to share with you that my kids are growing up to be amazing adults. I wish you could see. I wanted to share with you how I know I’ve been becoming the mother that you want me to be. I know you would be proud of me. It will be almost 30 years since I’ve heard the sound of your voice or felt the touch of your hugs. The little girl inside of me still screams for her mother at times. So here I sit at your gravesite having a conversation I wish I could have in person.

I’ve always used the phrase that I was going to be a mom that I never had. And I don’t mean that to be in a negative way. I only say that because I’ve never had a mother figure. So, I have been relying on my own natural instincts to be the mother that I think that I need to be or should be. And I will say I am pretty damn proud of myself for raising my kids and doing what I think is best. No, I am not perfect I’ve definitely made many mistakes, but my kids know that I love them.

LOVE, your little girl Katie.

Suicide took my mother. I was a seven year old little girl. I witnessed things that I should have never seen. This is why I fight against suicide. Pain doesn’t die when someone dies by suicide it trickles onto those who love you. #suicidprevention2021

I am a voice that speaks out against suicide. 

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